Go back and take care of yourself

Your body needs you

Your feelings need you

Go home and be there for all these things

Thich Nhat Hanh

Focusing is a form of deep listening and it provides a way to access self healing.  It’s an opportunity to pause, listen and be with yourself, with your inner experience and to invite your body wisdom to come forward to guide, heal, and hold you.  When you slow down for long enough to become present and turn towards your own moment to moment experience, focusing quite naturally begins.

Your body already knows how to find its way to deeper peace and freedom when we create the right conditions for it to do so. There’s no need to push past or dismiss anything that comes in the focusing space.  When we stay open and make space for whatever comes, without judgment, without taking sides or pushing for any kind of outcome, the process unfolds quite naturally just as it needs to.  If you can be free of any agenda or bias and surrender to your body’s wisdom, with a kind and gentle curiosity your ‘body’ will do the rest.  Fostering an attitude of acceptance really assists in an unfolding of what’s wanting to come forward in your awareness.

Focusing can take place in a one on one set up, in triads and also in groups. What I’m offering is one to one and this can be in person or on-line, via zoom. You might choose to have a one off session or a series of sessions its entirely up to the individual.