Birth Chart Reading

A full, in depth reading of your natal horoscope.  I will cast your horoscope and then set up a meeting with you to interpret the chart for you in an interactive situation.  The reading will be recorded and available for you on CD.  The live session takes about an hour.  The complete price, including, horoscope and CD of live recording, is £60.

Astrology Classes

There are 4 courses that each run for 6 consecutive weeks.  This is so that you can go as far as you wish, it may be you just want to dip your toe in and just learn the basics.  Or you may want to gain a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Introduction to Astrology 1 – 6 week course to build a foundation in the basics of astrology.  Covering:- Signs of the Zodiac, Planets, Houses, Calculating the horoscope, Aspects.  Cost £90

Introduction to Astrology 2 – 6 week course covering interpretation of the horoscope at a basic level.  Cost £90

Intermediate Astrology 1 – 6 week course covering transits and going deeper into the interpretation of the horoscope.  Cost £90

Intermediate Astrology 2 – 6 week course covering in depth interpretation of the horoscope and transits.  Cost £90

If you are interested and want to discuss further please email or call Trisha, the details are on the Contact Details which you can find at the top of the Homepage.