Radiance filling in the Frequencies & Self Exciting

Radiance is a collection of skills that enable you to use and understand your light body more fully and completely in your life.  The skills of filling in the frequencies and self exciting will help you to build consciousness and create ‘moment to moment’ awareness.  As you fill in the frequencies you become a more solid light and build consciousness to sustain the self exciting states.

Self-exciting makes it easier to know what is light, what takes you to the light and how to align with and live your life as a soul rather than as a personality.  It allows you to become more aware of what adds to your light and what takes you out of your spin.

When your energy and light become self-exciting, everything you do contributes to your increasing light.  All energies take you higher and add fuel to your beingness.  Things are effortless, you don’t have to ‘do’ anything except enjoy the energy you have generated.  Your energy becomes more beautiful and your light begins to generate more light on its own without you doing anything.

In a self-exciting state you are constantly growing, you are always expanding into the limitless and the infinity of your soul.  You will have a much broader sense of who you are at many levels – as a soul, a personality and a light body.  As you build your light body you get an awareness of higher and higher energies, these become a part of who you are in daily life as well.

Becoming a solid light is being able to put your awareness everywhere at once into your light body cocoon.  Learning the frequencies assists you in doing this.

The Radiance Filling in the Frequencies and Self Exciting course was developed by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer and their spiritual guides Orin and DaBen.

There are 4 parts to the course with space in between each part, this allows time to integrate what you have learned.  You will be given recorded meditations to work with, both during the course and in the time in between each part of the course.

The course can be taken weekly over 6 consecutive weeks, with a space of 8 weeks in between each part.  Alternatively it can be taken over a weekend, with a break of about 2-3months in between each part. The course is only available to graduates of the Awakening your Light Body course because it is a follow from it.

It costs £200 for each part of the course and this includes all materials and CD’s.

If you are interested and wish to discuss please call or email Trisha, the details are on the Contact Details which you can find at the top of the Homepage.