Awakening your light body


Facilitated by Trisha Cripps

Your light body is a part of your aura that it was not possible to awaken before the new, higher energies came to the earth plane. It is the spiritual shimmer that is the next evolutionary step for humanity. As you awaken your light body it is like having a new kind of vision. You will be able to see, sense and feel the higher, more beautiful energies of the higher dimensions and make them more a part of your everyday life. Awakening your light body creates a level of harmony between all your energy bodies, aligning your physical, emotional and mental bodies so that your spiritual shimmer is activated.

Why Awaken your Light Body?

As it awakens, your light body sounds many new notes within you of a higher vibration, notes that will change your life. You will attract opportunities to make a difference in the world as you begin to hold and radiate more light. As you open to this greater flow and light, you can attract more abundance, opportunities and loving people into your life. You can be around many different kinds of people and stay centred, calm and transparent to ‘denser’ energies. You will discover how to bring a higher consciousness into your personality and everyday life. As you learn to work with the centres you will see positive results that might have seemed miraculous before you understood the process. Awakening your light body can create many lasting, profound changes in your life. As you awaken your light body you will be on a path of accelerated spiritual growth.

The Awakening Your Light Body course was developed by DaBen and Orin, the spiritual guides channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, in 1989. Since then thousands of people, all around the world, have taken this course. The course is designed to be taken in three separate parts, with a break in between each part, to allow time to integrate and practice the skills you have learnt.

Part 1. Building your Power Base and Opening your Heart Centre

The first course introduces the first four centres which relate to the emotional and physical body. Allowing you to profoundly affect the energy around you, to change emotional and personality patterns and keep your energy open and flowing.

Part 2. Activating your Higher Energy Centres and Aligning your Vibrational Energy Bodies

In the second course you will work with the three mental body centres and align the physical, emotional and mental bodies. These centres will assist you in awakening your higher mind for increased inner vision and heightened creativity. You will be able to open to higher, more positive and unlimited thoughts and become more powerful at manifesting what you want.

Part 3. Awakening your Light Body Becoming Radiant

In the final part you will learn the Light Body centres, enabling you to become a greater radiating source of light. With the awakening of this centre you have made an evolutionary leap and your level of personal power, ability to change your environment, affect others and exist in higher states of consciousness will increase dramatically. You will only awaken your light body by completing all three parts of the course. Before deciding, consider – are you ready to make a real commitment to enlightenment in this lifetime and to working with and becoming a source of light? If this strikes a chord and you feel drawn to take this a step further, then get in touch by using the Contact Details on the home page. I look forward to meeting and working with you.


Awakening the light body has been a truly amazing experience, my connection with and understanding of the light energies has increased more than I could possibly of imagined. So many doors have opened up to me and I have attained a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility. The course with Trisha’s expert guidance has given me an unlimited sense of freedom and the warmest feeling of unconditional love of the highest purity. An excellent selection of CD’s supporting and enhancing my awakening, have given me no end of pleasure, expansion and excitement. The greatest transformations are beyond words, allowing so much flow and harmony into my life that I am able to influence and affect all situations in my day to day being. The course was just the right pace and Trisha just the right person for such a tremendous spiritual growth and I cannot recommend ‘Awakening the Light Body’ strongly enough. (From GD)

Working with Trisha is a delight, she is one of those people who light up a room just by her presence and her courses are always filled with much laughter and love. Her infinite compassion and understanding mean that I always feel completely safe and held. Trisha teaches in a clear and simple way and there is plenty of support and she makes it all very easy. Awakening Your Light Body is beyond words and is a wonderful course for anybody wanting to bring more peace and joy into their life. Trisha is a living example of all that she teaches and I would recommend anyone to say yes to this course. (From GA)

I highly recommend the Awakening the Light Body course. Personally, I have discovered new levels of awareness within myself with the ability to live my life more fully and harmoniously, working from a newly developed central column of light. Access to guides and other dimensions that I never thought possible for me has become more of a reality. Trisha is an advanced tutor of the subject whose passion and joy shine through. It is my dearest wish to continue on to the next level of Radiance where I might continue to grow to yet greater fulfillment. (From LD)

Awakening the Light Body has been one of the most beautiful experiences. The title of the course makes you realise it is just the beginning of the true life you are meant to live. At times it has been very hard, your resolve and resilience are tested but as you harmonise and trust more, life begins to flow at a comfortable rate you understand that it is all happening for a reason. There are lessons, some good, some not so good but ultimately the lessons enable you to cleanse your life of blocks and repeated patterns of behaviour. It is like a re-birth, with the help of numerous light beings, Trisha, Tamara and any partners you may have on the course. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to commence this course and look forward to how my awakened light body will show me my true way of living. (From YS)