Introducing Trisha

At the age of around 11 years old I had many questions that haunted me, like ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What’s it all about?’ ‘?Who am I?’  As a young woman I felt inner conflict and turmoil that I could not resolve.  This led me on a quest to find the longed for awareness and understanding that could fulfill an unknown yearning inside me and the need to find meaning and purpose to my life.

Spanning 3 decades I have had many wonderful learning experiences that have transformed my understanding and awareness and expanded my consciousness, the most influential being:- Astrology, Meditation, Technologies for Creating, Colour therapy, Counselling, Channelling, Awakening your Light Body, Radiance, Soul Recognition, HeartThread,  and Circuitry Alignment. 

We never stop growing and learning but I have achieved the longed for purpose and meaning in my life and the harmony, inner peace, contentment, connection and answers, I yearned for since my childhood, in a way that surpasses any expectations I may have had.  Here in this space, I call Lightlinks, I offer to you some of the ways that most assisted and benefited me on this journey.

I first began meditating in 1980 and this is the basis of my spiritual practice.  It is a space where I can connect with the ‘above and the below’ and bring them together in my physical being and everything else follows from this place of grounded, centred, alignment and connection.

For the past 28 years I have been working with people, facilitating groups, workshops, teaching courses and working individually with people as well.  I am a counsellor, counselling supervisor, meditation teacher, astrologer, Light Body and Radiance teacher, Soul Recognition, HeartThread and Circuitry Alignment facilitator, a Channel and I teach channelling and also a course called Lighten Up – creating what most matters to you.

I love the work I do and feel blessed and privileged to be able to pass on and share all that I have learned with all those who seek it.  The comments I have most often heard from people I work with are, how safe they feel and how delighted and grateful they are for what they have received in our work together.

If you feel drawn to find out more about anything offered in this space, please call me for a chat and we can discuss your needs and how to meet them.  I very much look forward to meeting you.

With love and blessings Trisha