Circuitry Alignment

Circuitry Alignment is a non-verbal, energetic process to facilitate the integration of our personal blueprint and vibration into the cells, systems and organs of our body.  It is based on the concept that we carry within us a blueprint for what we have come to do in this lifetime.  The CA process helps us remember that we are light and that we carry a unique and special frequency that is our birthright and our ‘calling card’.

During this process a facilitator will access your unique blueprint and vibration and bring your essence, blueprint, and vibration into and through the circuits or meridians of energy (as used in acupuncture), through your body and your subtle bodies (the layers around your body) into the earth, and back again.  The circuitry in your body is ready to receive the blueprint because that’s its origin, your body remembers and is familiar with the energy.

The ”above” is the space where your blueprint is intact.  We call this space “The Swing Between Worlds”.  Up until now the vibrational frequency in your body has responded to or been influenced by your conditioning, choices, environment, and karma. 

Your blueprint hasn’t been altered in any way through the experiences in the physical world.  Its inherent vibrational frequency is very steady, like a pulse.  A facilitator will bring that pulse into the room, around you and then into your body through your circuits.  Then all these levels will be aligned with your purest vibration.  It is the divine union between your human experience, or “story” and the part of you that is a beacon of light that never changes.

CA provides a way to move beyond old belief systems and conditioned patterns and ways of being.  It fosters the awareness of how to take the consciousness of who we are and bring it into the world.  When we awaken to our unique vibration we are more ourselves, feel more authentic, stronger and more confident.

The CA process takes about an hour to an hour and a half, and there’s nothing you have to do, except lie still and enjoy!

The cost of Circuitry Alignment is £35 and is offered here as a one to one session.

If this is something you are interested in, or want to discuss, please call or email Trisha, details are on the Contact Details which you can find at the top of the home page.